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The American Civil War which is known also as The War for
Constitutional Liberty, The War for Southern Independence, The Second American
Revolution, The War for States’ Rights, Mr. Lincoln’s War, The War Against
Northern Aggression and some thirty other names has long fascinated historians

To date more people died during this war than all other US
wars combined. Was the abolition of slavery really the cause? The repugnant
practice of slavery, which was waning in the nineteenth century, was touted as
the reason for the national schism. Was it, or was it emblematic for states’
rights and control by the federal government?  Could the war been averted or was it funded by
rich and powerful interests and industrialist who would profit by the war.

The reason, although academic, is still debated.  Were the confederates traitors or patriots?
Alexander Hamilton Stephens in defense of his actions in “A constitutional view
of the late war between the states; its causes, character, conduct and results”
argues that the Articles of Confederation, written in 1777 does not call the
United States of America “a nation” or “government,” but
instead says, ” States hereby severally enter into a firm league of
friendship with each other, for their common defense, the security of their
liberties, and their mutual and general welfare.”  Prior to 1912, there was not a Pledge of
Allegiance and your allegiance was thought to be to the State you were born not
the United State.

Civil War Battle Born is a fiction novel based loosely on
historical facts with two fictional characters, one charged with fanning the
flames of war, with allegiance to the North, and the other charged with finding
funding for the South to maintain the war effort.  Nevada then the territory of Nevada was rich
in Silver and Gold was sought after by both the North and the South.

Nevada was refused statehood prior to the Civil War, and
then was offered statehood by the North under terms outlined under the
“Enabling Act” which was rushed through congress to ensure an electoral win for
Lincoln in the 1864 election.

It is historically accurate that statehood after offered to
sway Nevada to join the union was decisively rejected by the people of Nevada.
What happened?  Somewhat historically
scratchy and subject to conjecture Civil War Battle Born adds its “How
and Why.”



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